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The Rationale

As innovative products and services based on Earth Observation and Telecoms data are developed, there is increasing demand for faster and more reliable access to the data collected on-board satellites. 

The speed at which data can be processed, stored and transferred on-board spacecraft is expected to be the main barrier to growth of these services.

The Objective

To develop and demonstrate satellite data-chain technologies to advance on-board data handling and support high speed data transfer for future applications.


Year Project





The Technology



20x faster data processing

With respect to the performance obtained on LEON4 and on image compression applications.

4x faster data compression

At 800 Mpix/s per board and

compared to compression board of CORECI-2 unit.

50x faster network with embedded QoS and FDIR

(Quality of Service, Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery)

Compared to current SpaceWire network technology.

4x increase in storage capacity

64 Tbit

8x faster data transfer

Compared to the state-of-the art Ka-Band downlink systems (2 x 600 Mbps) for both the Optical and RF Downlink to ground.

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