File Protection Scheme


Developed by DLR, the file protection scheme provides the elements, functions and interfaces to encode files stored in the mass memory in order to protect them against long error-bursts/outages in optical satellite downlinks, correct the error-bursts/lost packets in the received file with a packet level decoder, and reconstruct the original file.

File protection scheme blue.png


  • Correction of long error-bursts (e.g. 10 Mbit up to 200 Mbit long error-bursts)

  • Error correction capability: up to 20% erroneous / lost packets

  • Offline encoding and decoding of the file


  • The file protection scheme has been implemented and tested on a PC

  • The target performance has been achieved

  • The file protection scheme is compatible with arbitrary PHY layer frame formats

  • The decoder PC interfaces with the optical downlink receiver and stores the received data packets in real time