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Ground receiver (HRDFEP V12)

Introduction to the HRDFEP V12
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Interview with Kongsberg on the HRDFEP development
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Introduction to the HRDFEP V12

Interview with Kongsberg on the HRDFEP development 


The ground receiver developed by Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace contains both a demodulator and a decoder board.  The demodulator board has a two channel design with separate FPGAs for each channel.  The decoder board performs SCCC decoding of the incoming data stream from the demodulator.

The decoder board receives data from the demodulator and returns the decoded data to the demodulator board. The decoded data is then sent through the PCIe interface.

Kongsberg ground station.jpg


  • Two independent receiver channels 

  • Adaptive equaliser and cross-channel interface cancellation: mandatory for higher order modulations

  • Advanced algorithms to reduce implementation losses and increase robustness

Super-High Rate, Dual Channel (LHCP, RHCP)

  • Supporting LEO, MEO and GEO missions

  • Exploitation of full 1500 MHz Ka-band

  • 720 MHz, 1200 MHz, 2400 MHz IF

  • 1200 Msymbols/sec per channel offers 10+ Gbit/s data transfer

  • High rates and minimal implementation losses

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