Optical Data Link


The Hi-SIDE optical data link is a third-generation system developed within the OSIRIS (Optical Space Infrared Downlink System) programme. OSIRIS aims to develop experimental free space optical (FSO) communication systems optimized for small satellites. 
Developed by DLR in cooperation with TESAT, the Hi-SIDE optical terminal system supports data link rates of up to 8Gbps with optical downlink rates of 10Gbps. Furthermore, the system is compatible with the SpaceFibre Standard and is a reference design for the emerging O3K CCSDS Standard for optical downlinks.  

Optical downlink.png


  • Data link data rate, 8Gbps 

  • Scalable using dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) 


  • SpaceFibre integration for high speed intra spacecraft networks

  • On-Board-Computer (OBC) for TM/TC and implementation of CCSDS Reference Design for Free Space Optical (FSO) Communications Systems.

  • Coarse-pointing assembly (CPA) for satellite-independent beam steering

OSIRIS Terminal