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Hi-SIDE System Demonstration

Integration and end-to-end demonstration of our next-generation satellite data-chain technology took place between the 13th and 16th of June 2022 in Dundee, Scotland. 


During the demonstration event, we tested scenarios, representing major data processing sequences on-board satellites were implemented across the HSDC. These included end to end demonstration of:

· Storage and playback of images from a SpaceFibre Camera at 9 Gbit/s

· Compression and storage of hyperspectral images via the data compressor at 7 Gbit/s on a CCSDS 123.0-B-2 based compression at a ratio of 7:1

· Encryption and storage of files via the high performance data  processor (HPDP) at 70 Mbit/s

· Playback of images to the RF Downlink at 5 Gbit/s per channel

· Demonstration of data transmission via the optical downlink at 10 Gbit/s

· Packet error burst correction up to 25% using the Hi-SIDE file protection scheme .

By running these sequences together we demonstarted the capacity of the Hi-SIDE HSDC architecture to process, store and transmit data from instrument to ground at data rates exceeding 10 Gbit/s, which was the original target of Hi-SIDE.

Scroll down to learn more about the final outcomes of the project, see the demonstration video and other materials documenting the final demonstration and showcasing the final outcomes of the Hi-SIDE project!


Hi-SIDE demonstration video

Hi-SIDE demonstrated the following products developed as part of an integrated data chain:

Double click on the element of interest to learn more about it and see photos and videos from the demonstration event!

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